Men's Raglan Sweater

Hi! I’ve just started knitting a delightful raglan sweater. It’s got a very fetching cable that wends and weaves its way through the fabric.

I’ve scanned the picture from the pattern book (which happens to be a the back cover picture). It’s from Patons’ 1270 “Cables and Ribs”.

Very nice variation on cables that looks like fun to knit. Enjoy doing this one!

Fetching indeed! :thumbsup: Have fun with it!

Oh how nice David! I love this cable and rib pattern! And of course, a raglan sleeve line will be very fluid to the design! Can’t wait to see your progress!

I’d knit this for myself as well! It’s just great!!!

Great choice, David. The cables make for a nice variation amongst all those ribs. When you get down the road (or should I say “row”) a bit, show us what you’ve got!