Mens jumper

hi all

i am looking for one final pattern to add to the to do list in the next 3 months.

i am looking for a mans basic jumper that i can add a chart pattern to. this is the chart i want to use

i have only ever made 1 other adults pattern before, so this is kinda a huge project for me. an anyone recomend an easy and relativly quick pattern please?

i have found some that i am not sure if they are any good as the one my mum tried on lion brand knitted up awfully. so wanted to know once that otehr people have tried and have worked for you guys

iny ideas please guys?
thanks yet again for your help

i have just found 2 patterns, has anyone made them before please?

if yes what are they like when finished please?


sorry will stop asking now lol


Sorry I can’t answer any of your questions, Susie, but thought I’d send this TTT for you.