Men's Cardigan Right Front

Hi Everyone:

I would appreciate help with the following, I’m confused. I have finished the left front, and I know I’m to work the right front the same way using reverse shaping.

Here are the instructions

ROW 1. @ arm edge bind off 6(6-7) sts, work to last 4sts sl 1, k1, PSSO (neck Dec), k2.

ROW 2. P3, work in pattern as established to end of row. Dec 1 st at arm edge every other row 4(-5-5) Times, at the same time, Dec 1 st at neck edge in same manner as before every 4th row 8 (9-13) Times more and then every other Row 0 (3-3) Times. When all neck Dec are complete, work even on 25 (27-29) std until armhole measures 9 (9 1/2-10) inches.

I understand I’m to work the bind off on the WS of the work, my question is whether I’m to work the last 4 sts as instructed to the end and will these be counted as a decrease for the neck edge.

Question#2 when I turn the work to the RS do I start purling the 3 as instructed in row 2, or do I begin with the instructions stated in row 1?

Hi it’s me again the name of the pattern I just listed is Men’s Irish Cardigan from knitting

Bind off on the wrong side (WS) row, the purl row and then I would finish out the row, turn and do the neck decreases and the armhole decreases on the RS rows.
What stitch pattern was used at the neck edge for the left front? Usually you would do that same pattern on the right front. So if the neck edge is stockinette (knit on the right side, purl on the wrong side) that is what you would continue to do for the right front.
What pattern are you doing? Can you give us a name or a link to it?

Thank you so much for responding; you make alot of sense and it clarified my confusion.

As for the ribbing on the neck edge, that’s what was confusing me. I was trying to figure that based on the instructions to row 1 the ending part (sl1, k1,psso) and the beginning part of row 2 (P3). Now I see that it’s stockinette. I probably have to redo the left front since I wasn’t too clear on that. I figured the band that the pattern calls for would fill that in.

The link for the pattern is www/ The name of the pattern is Men’s Irish Cardigan

Thanks again

Very handsome cardi. It’s beautiful and a lot of work.
I’m not sure what stitch you did at the neck edge but if you worked k1p1 or garter stitch on the left front, I would just do the same for the right front. It’s only a few sts here and you’ll be picking up sts along the neck edge for the bands anyway.

Thank you so much you were a lot of help… And yeah it has been challenging, especially for being my first sweater I’ve ever knitted.

Oh, my gosh. You have all my admiration. Not a simple sweater at all.
It’ll be gorgeous!