Men's cardigan pattern

I’d like to knit my dh a cardie for his birthday in October, so thought I ought to get onto it now!!
He likes cashmere :rollseyes:, but would like a rolled rib sort of collar bit. Do you know where I could get cardigan patterns from?
Thank you in advance :muah:

there are several here

What is a rolled rib collar? I know about rolled collars, but I’ve only seen them on pullovers I think. :think:

A collar, rather than no collar, and knit in rib stitch…?

It’s the “rolled” description that threw me. I’ve never seen one on a cardigan and the ribbed part… how can you have both? :shrug:

I’ve made my Husband a cardigan from Knitting Pure and Simple. Very easy pattern

I love the cambridge jacket here.
I’m still trying to convince someone to let me knit him one… :rollseyes:

Ribbed… rolled… rib stitch that sort of rolls over, I don’t know what it is really called :roflhard:

I did some baby cardigans which have that sort of collar, and dh liked them and said he would like something like that… here is the link to my cardigan thread - maybe it will make it clearer

how about this one?

thanks for the link. it’s much clearer what you are after. i would call that a folded ribbed shawl-type collar.

sorry, still no idea for the pattern.

Thats almost exactly right Rebecca, thank you!! Only problem is I think that one may be a little complicated, firstly as I can’t crochet, and also that pattern!! So, something very like that but a bit plainer? Thank you though for that suggestion.

I think the kind of collar that the Drops pattern has is called a shawl collar? Maybe? A small ribbed shawl collar? As to the patten being complicated, you don’t have to do the fair isle. You can just knit that part plain stockinette.

You’d have to buy it, but there’s one in here:

& the only crocheting is for the buttonhole loops.
you could do i-cord instead?

Ahhhh I think that is called a shawl collar…? This shows a woman, but the sizes are large so it might work.

Thank you all for taking the time to come up with suggestions!!! I am going to have a good look at all of them and then give it a go!