Men's cardigan help


Hi. I’m new to your site. I’m knitting a men’s cardigan it’s long and has a folded over collar. I’m confused about the pattern right front with the shaping for collar. I understand what it’s asking me to do but don’t understand why! Wants me to decrease then increase but whats the point? See attached pic highlighted section. Also it’s asking me to keep the rib correct but how can I do that? 1555053198514661142661064389249|675x1200


Hi and welcome!
The increases and decreases add shaping at particular places in the front. The decreases will allow the front to slant up and to the right while the increases will give you the extra material for the collar.

In some places, you may only have one stitch instead of 2 because of decs in the k2p2 rib.That’ll be OK as long as you do not let the overall k2p2 pattern shift. On the next dec that extra stitch will go away and by the time 4 decs have been worked you’ll be back in pattern.

A similar thing happens with the incs. You’ll lose the precise k2p2 rib at the inc but make sure the rest of the row aligns with previous sts.


Thanks for the prompt answer. It just seems a but odd as the Inc and Dec are on different rows. And when I write it down there ends up been 88 rows.


The shaping doesn’t necessarily have to happen on the same rows. That’s not unusual in patterns. You’re decreasing one stitch per dec row and increasing 2 sts per inc row.

The shaping takes 21 tows total. Dec on row 1,5,9,13,17,and 21. Inc on rows 1,5,11 and 17.


Thank you. I’ll upload a pic as I go. I’ve never not understood a pattern before!


Enjoy working on the sweater. We’d love a photo when you finish.


Here’s the finished product. Thanks for your help.


Oooh, stunning! Very handsome sweater so nicely done.