Men's Cabled Sweater Pattern?

I am trying to find a nice cabled sweater pattern to make for DH. I think he would wear an XL. Anyone know of a nice FREE pattern?


I would suggest looking @ :thumbsup:


I just got a beautiful men’s cable sweater pattern from Knitpicks and it was only 1.99! I know it’s not free, but pretty close, especially if you order the yarn from there and get free shipping.

Take a look at the pattern at, and if you like it, I’ll be glad to tell you how much to order for the size you need, so you can get the pattern and yarn together.

Happy Cable Knitting :XX: :XX:


Do you remember what is was called? I am looking for it now…


It’s the Heirloom Aran Pullover, Knitpicks number 50382.

I’m making it (after Christmas) for my 6’2" 19 year old son. It really IS going to be an heirloom. I’m using Plymouth Encore though, because I KNOW it won’t be handwashed!!

Tell me if you like it!