Men's aran sweater pattern

Ok knitters,

I need some help. I’ve found a pattern which I would like to do for my son for Christmas. it’s here:

(Sorry if the “link” doesn’t work; the new site set up is difficult/confusing for me to maneuver.)

Anyhow, I’ve picked out the yarn (KP Sierra) and have some basic measurements, etc, but I was reading the pattern and it appears as if the pattern calls for the block containing the seed stitch and cable to go down not only the front, but also the back!!

Am I strange or is this a waste of time and energy not to mention a design “flaw”?

Why do I want to put the pattern down the back? And If I don’t, how is that going to affect the overall fit of the sweater? Can I just do the back in stst and “fa getta about it” when it comes to the pattern? Comments, please. I really like the simplicity of the pattern and think that in a bulky yarn it would go really fast.


You can certainly opt to NOT incorporate the design on the back. Given those not only utilize more yarn, they pull horizontally so doing the back in strictly st st most likely means you’d need fewer sts. Make a swatch in st st, determine your gauge and if pattern has schematic for back, only work the number of st st needed to match the width. If you do the no of sts req’d for the design, and do st st, you’ll most likely end up with a back that’s too wide.

ETA: just glanced at pattern. Not seeing schematic but working up your swatch and comparing to the chest measurement you’ve chosen should be good gauge as to how many sts you need to work for back.

Great looking sweater!


Thanks for the input cam. I’m not exactly sure how to do this, but will ruminate on it for a while. I’m assuming it shouldn’t be too hard.

I love this sweater. Simple but the pattern makes it look a lot more difficult. I’m planning on using KP Sierra. Light and soft and some nice colors.

Pattern says:

14 sts = 4 inches, and 22 rows = 4 inches, using size 10-3/4 needle over St st
18 sts = 4 inches, and 24 rows = inches, using 10-3/4 needle over 28 Center Cable Panel sts

First gauge is st st, and the second is marked as ‘Center Cable.’ Note that the Cable is smaller. (Sts cover less width due to pull.) So for the width of the center panel, you’ll be replacing it with st st.

For example, if center panel covers 6", at gauge you’d have 6"x4.5 (sts/in)=27 sts. But your base gauge (st st) is 6"x3.5(sts/in)=21. For the panel you can reduce your total st count by 6 (27-21). Make sense? If you leave them in, those extra 6 sts would net you close to a couple of extra inches of sweater width.



Yikes, I didn’t even see the gauge for the panel; just the stst gauge. Doh!! Your explanation makes more sense with that little piece of info. I should probably swatch the panel as well as the plain stockinette.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.


What a great pattern!! Thanks for posting it!

I’d say it’s more of a design “choice”. Checking through my aran patterns, all have cabling on the front. Some have plain sleeves, some have plain backs - but I have a ton of patterns that have cabling everywhere. Of the ones with “plain” backs, about half of them use stocking stitch, but the others tend to use the ground stitch of the cabled sections (usually seed/moss stitch). Frankly, the cabling is more entertaining - I find seed stitch (and ribbing) just tedious. :lol:


I hope you post pics of this sweater when you are done. It’s way cool!


I guess I would think the patterning on the back would make more sense if it was all over, but just the panel, IMHO, would look strange. I don’t mind the stst and in chunky yarn it should go fast. If I’m going to remove the back panel, I think I should stick with the same ground stitch as on the front flanking the panel.

OK. I finally have the yarn, needles and am doing my swatch.

I have figured out the number of stitches needed to decrease the back area to eliminate the panel.

Originally, for the size I am making, you CO 90 stitches. I need to decrease 6 stitches to account for the removal of the panel, leaving 84 stitches to work on.


What about when you get to the armholes/shoulder shaping?

If it says to bo X# of stitches and I 6 stitches shy do I

just follow the pattern and come up short on the stitches in between;

decrease the number of stitches I bo when doing the shaping?

At this point, I’m ready to just put the stupid panel into the back even though I don’t like it.

Any suggestions, ideas, HELP? :wall: :hair:

BO the correct number of stitches for the underarm, but don’t decrease as many stitches on the armhole shaping rows so you come out with the correct number for the top of the shoulders.