Men's 'Andoa' Sweater pattern -- tips?

I want to try to knit the ‘Andoa’ men’s sweater (listed in the patters on this website but I think it’s actually through Berocca…) but I am kind of having a hard time getting started… I bought some black acrylic yarn, with a weight of ‘4’ (medium?), but the pattern itself calls for some kind of alpaca yarn… Do you think I’ll be okay with mine? Does it matter, as long as I get the gauge to match up?
Any advice would be great, especially if you happen to have tried this pattern at all!! :slight_smile:

It acutally says you can use the alpaca yarn or another one called Linen Jeans, which is a rayon/linen blend for a lighter weight sweater. These yarns are both worsted weight which is the same as the ‘4’ yarn you have so it should be just fine.

…also, when it says “multiple of 6” or “multiple of 2” for the stitches, does that mean I repeat the stitches 6 times or 2 times throughout the pattern?

No, it means the stitch patterns will have 6 or 2 sts in them. For example, the granite st is a multiple of 2 sts because on one row you k1, p1 - repeated across the row. The basket st is a multiple of 6 because you k3 p3 across the row then later switch to p3, k3 across the row. So 18 sts is a multiple of 6 because you can repeat the st pattern 3 times; it’s also a multiple of 2 because you can repeat that st pattern 9 times.