Meniere's Disease

I have just been diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease.

Ménière’s (say “men-YEERS”) disease is a disorder of the inner ear that affects hearing and balance. It causes sudden attacks of vertigo (a spinning sensation), tinnitus (a loud ringing in the ears), and hearing loss that may be temporary or permanent.

I have had several bouts with vertigo the last few years, but always assumed it was the flu. It “puts me down” for two days and then a day or two of uck feeling. Last week when it happened, I could feel it was my ear/ears and went to the doctor.

I have the vertigo (sometimes with nausea) and feeling of pressure in my ear, but thankfully not the ringing. I am scheduled to see an ear, nose throat Dr. and for a hearing test and then “vestibular” (I think balance) therapy.

Does anyone else have this (I hate that the word disease is tagged on) or any experience with anyone who does?

I have done the usual internet research and will get info from the ENT Dr. but I would like to know what I am “in for” with this thing …

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that. I have tinnitus, but fortunately that is all. I hope someone here can help you out with some personal info. :hug:

I worked for an acupuncturist who had a patient with Meniere’s who’d also help out sometimes. He still had the disease, but the acupuncture helped relieve the symptoms without the side effects of taking prescription drugs. So I’d recommend looking into a Dr of Chinese/Oriental medicine and what that can offer with acupunture and herbal therapy.

A woman on a fitness board I visit has this. The last report is that with hearing aids, she’s doing fine. But I know the diagnosis took her off guard. If you want to PM me with your email address, I can ask if she’ll share her experiences.

I get the vertigo thing on occasion, it’s not fun at all.

I have an adult daughter who is hard of hearing and will ultimately become completely deaf due to her cochlear nerves dying (from the mono she had as a teen - we think.)

In any case - take advantage of everything available at your disposal. Yes to ENT doc, yes to acupuncture, yes to hearing aids (if you have a condition they would help. In my daughter’s case, they wouldn’t.) Yes to sign language classes for the entire family (we did this - totally incredible experience). YES TO EVERYTHING!

Because, ultimately, what you’re trying to get to is, yes to life!

Thanks everyone! I have a long list of questions for the doctor and physical therapist.

One of my knitting guild friends is Chinese and very familiar with acupuncture and herbal therapy, I am sure she can recommend someone. This afternoon I was wondering if there is such a thing as lip reading class … I will have to goggle that.

I think my biggest concern is hearing loss and if it is related to the number of “episodes” and even if I am supposed to do the therapy “during” the vertigo or if it is something to “learn” or even if it is an ongoing thing… oh , so many ???

I am sure I will be more confident with all this once I can talk to the doctors.

My aunt was diagnosed with this “condition” several years ago. She had a rough time for a while but saw several specialists and can now adjust to her symptoms. I would be glad to ask her to share her progress if you would like. PM me if you want. By the way, she has not lost all of her hearing. Hang in there. There is hope.

The man I mentioned didn’t have any hearing loss beyond that another person his age would have. I believe he was in his late 60s.

:aww: I am pretty sure I am being a “drama queen” when it comes to the hearing loss part. From what I have read it is usually gradual and partial.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! After I talk to the ENT Dr. I may want to contact the ones who have been mentioned… for now I am good with all your sweet listening ears ears :muah: