Men Who Knit

This is part of a whole manly knitters web ring. I don’t know very many men knitters, but I thought there were a few on this forum who might be interested.

i love a man who knits. my guy said he’d learn, that it might be a handy way to meet girls if things with us don’t work out! haha. i guess i’ll worry when he brings up my offer to teach him simultaneous with a rough patch in the relationship.

you saw this in a yahoo news thing right? i read it too… i find it very interesting… im going to try to talk my boyfriend into learning… my brother used to know how to crochet many moons ago… maybe he will be interested in it… 8)

actually, my mom sent me the link, but she must have seen it on yahoo news. Now i’ll have to check out the article there…

My son knits. I showed him how to crochet too. He said “mummy you seem so happy when you knit I want to learn too.” He’s 9 now and he’s been knitting for about a year.

Also see:

This is really cool!

When I ask my husband if he wants to learn how to knit…he just laughs at me!

this is the artical from yahoo news…