Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them

I was in B&N yesterday just browsing through the knitting books and I saw Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them and I thought of all the guys who come to this site. Basically it’s matching patterns for men and their dog. I liked the Muttlucs pattern. I tryed to imagine my Lily allowing me to put them on her, she hates it when anyone messes with her feet. I liked most of the patterns although some of them were kind of blah. There were some pretty nice looking guys in the book too. :eyebrow:

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Nadja xxx

I saw that book too. Neat patterns. I’d love to knit something for my dog, because I lover her more than 90% of the people I know. Unfortunately, she is never cold. She lives for cold weather. She loves to roll around in the snow. She’ll jump in any creek, river, pond, lake, or large mud puddle even if there is a thin layer of ice on it.

Now if there was a way to knit a personal air conditioner to keep her cooler in the summer, I’m sure she be amenable to that…

P.S. That’s her pic that I use for my avatar.

She a beauty!! She looks like a Lab. Is she? I live with a beagle who hates the cold weather and getting wet but I doubt that she would wear a sweater or boots but I’m still thinking of making her a sweater just on the off chance that she may not mind it too much.

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Nadja xxx

[color=indigo]I gotta check out tthat book. I am kept by six miniature dachshunds (teckels), all of whom love knitting. Always a challenge to find interesting patterns for them. :teehee:


Awwwwwww!! I’ve never heard of of a mini doxie! Too cute!

Awwwwwwww!!! What a little sweetie. I’ve never heard of/seen a Teckel but he sure is cute. How big do they get?

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xxx Nadja

[color=indigo]Mini teckels should be about 10-12 pounds and have same conformation as standards. Teckel is a common European language synonym for Dachshund.

Fernando, now adult, is a Shorthair Double Dapple Isabella. Dapple refers to the color pattern of the coat (spotted or mottled). Isabella is a specific color (light fawn with tan points and eye spots). Isabellas are genetically quite uncommon, and Double Dapple means that boyh parents were dapple. Double Dapple Isabellas are amazingly rare. And of course Fernando is, well, Fernando, so add all of that together and what do you get? Abounding Adorableness.[/color]

i always have trouble finding patterns in books like that because my dog is 50 pounds. any luck on larger dog sweaters in there? we live in florida, but i still can’t help dressing him up sometimes. he loves it though. :slight_smile:

[color=indigo]Here’s Ms Clementine in some of her finery.[/color]


I saw that book in B&N yesterday!!! I put into on order at my local library. It should be cominf soon. Can’t wait!!!

landolphe -

Have you found any knitting patterns for your mini’s? My aunt recently got one and I’d love to knit her a little sweater. The pup is so cute… with a name like Henrietta how couldn’t she be?? :teehee:

[color=indigo]What a great teckel name! I made a teckel sweater several years ago but no longer have the sweater and cannot find the pattern (yet). I continue to look and will post results here.

The major modification involves NOT making little sleeves for front paws, as teckels always step out of them at once, get tangled, and stumble. So . . . .[/color]

I have been debating buying that book. I just ordered a dog sweater book, but that book keeps sticking in my mind.