Men Knit Videos

Here’s a couple of men knitting videos that I think are kind of amusing. The guy doing a hammock in the first one is great (I’m gonna have to try that) and the whole second one is hilarious.



Mason that hammock is killing me! :passedout:


Good find!

:roflhard: Great videos!

I’m tired just WATCHING that guy knit the hammock! :passedout::passedout: Fun videos Mason!

I can’t believe he was actually knitting a hammock, and sitting there just chatting about it so casually! lmao!! Hey, that is pretty darn creative though.

I kept thinking the stitches on the snooker cues were gonna drop off the other end off the sharpened cues - he didn’t seem to have any stoppers on the ends… I was waiting for disaster :teehee:

Great videos =D

No sheep were harmed in the making of this video:roflhard::roflhard::roflhard:

The needles for the hammock are just about as big as that little man’s arms!
As for the second video, I just have to put it on my blog
Merci beaucoup Mason!

[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Those videos are hilarious. :rofl::rofl:I wonder if the man knitting the hammock will post again when he completes it. I laughed out loud was the guy in the second video denied making the scarf after all the trouble he went through to make it. :roflhard::roflhard:[/SIZE][/FONT]

Great videos. I can relate to the man who didn’t feel hungry, just wanted to stay in and knit.

That second video is too funny! Most farmers I know that would catch a guy sneaking around their sheep would end up filling his backside with buckshot, though. :roflhard: