Men and their appetites!

So I have a teenage son in his senior year of high school and I always thought that when he went off to college I might actually be able to keep my refrigerator full, but now that my BF has moved in I know that can’t be :roflhard: My son, my BF and I went on a volunteer trip this weekend and I told my BF I was just making simple PB & J sandwiches for lunch. he said “OK, but make me 3 ok” So - with my BF’s 3 sandwiches, my son’s 2 sandwiches and my 1 sandwich (which I couldn’t even finish so my son ate the rest) there went an entire loaf of bread (practically). The next morning we woke up at camp and my son and BF both wolfed down 3 bowls of cheerios each!!! Not to mention the pastry they both ate. The thing that really irks me is that they are both tall and SKINNY!!! That’s just not fair :roflhard:

Oh I know!! granted my son is only 4, but, he eats like crazy! And the child is not the least bit fat! Hubby is the same way, he eats a ton of food (well, to be fair, not all day as we can’t stock up on food cause money sucks, but at dinner, OMG!), and he’s still skinny! He’s put on a slight bit of weight over the years, however, he’s up to his normal weight for his height…pfft…Why can’t I be so lucky? I hardly ever eat! :tap: Though I have, somehow, managed to drop almost 20 pounds in about 4 months, gotta be all the coffee…lol

I have three brothers…I don’t know how my parents were able to afford food! :shock:

3 brothers, and 3 sons! :wah:

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Oh boy! 3 brothers and 3 sons Monidew?? Sounds like you’ve been odd man out at the dinner table for a long time. Have you ever been hungry driving home and remembered that one thing in the fridge that was really yummy and then got excited cus you get to eat it when you get home only to find out one of the boys ate it first? :roflhard: Happened to me lots of times. I’ve learned to call home and say “Hands off” before I get home. Just recently I bought cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. I always buy the same kind from Trader Joes every year and I use it for my annual cranberry cheesecake. I got it on Friday, as soon as I saw it was available, because sometimes they run out. I looked in the fridge this morning and it was 3/4 gone. I looked at my son and he said “Oh, I thought it was for a snack” What?? :shock: Note to son, if there is cranberry sauce in the fridge right before Thanksgiving, its probably NOT just for a snack :rofl:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
Have you got a hidden camera in here, or what?!

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:roflhard: :roflhard:
Nope! Just feeling your pain sister!

I remember my brother eating like that. We used to say he had a hollow leg. I was floored at my grocery bills when I got married and the hubby moved in. I used to make a pot of soup or pan of chicken and rice and eat off it for a week…not anymore. We’re lucky if we get two meals out of it.

Heh, know what you mean! When my son was 12 he was eating everything in sight. One night he ate for an hour and a half. Finally he put his plate on the counter and told me, “I’m still hungry, but my belly hurts.” Soon as supper settled, he was in the fridge again.

He’s now 6’3" and every night he asks me whats for supper…no matter what the answer is, he’s always enthusiastic and wants to know when it’ll be ready. Wears 30x34’s, if that tells you how tall and skinny he is.

I’m glad sometimes that I don’t have to feed boys!

okay, so, just to let you know, It’s the day after thanksgiving, and

Turkey leftovers? GONE
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy? GONE
Pumpkin & Pecan Pies? GONE

Wanna know what’s left? The vegetables. Green bean casarole and candied yams.


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Oi vai!!! Even the green beans are gone around here :roflhard:

Wow. Here the green bean casserole is the first thing to disappear!