Member titles

I’ve noticed that I have senior member under my ID name. I guessed that maybe that was because I am passed a certain age. I’m 49 BTW. It can’t have anything to do with how long I’ve been registered because that hasn’t been that long. Apparently, I’m wrong though. I have noticed that a certain young male member that still lives with his parents has senior member listed under his ID name. Can someone explain this to me and others that might want to know?

It has to do with the number of posts. In fact, we’ve been trying to come up with something more clever and KH/knitting related than Junior through Senior.

So if anyone has any clever ideas, please pipe up!

YEP~ I think that is a GREAT Idea…
Perhaps Newbie Knitter, seasoned knitter, interemediate knitter, and Yarn obsessed, :teehee:

I was thinking classic:

Newbie, Intermediate, Advanced, Moderator, Administrator, but, that’s just me. I have another couple Ideas, too:

Types of yarn:

Red Heart, Wool of the Andes, Malabrigo

Types of needles:

Boye, Inox, KnitPicks/Addi Turbo

Types of knitting:

Scarf, Blankets, Sweaters.

I’ll spare you more of the weird brainstorms for now!

What about …






Knit/Purl Combos

Intricate Lace/Cables

And, I also think it would be nice if all us guy knitters could have “Guy Knitter” or “Knitting Dude” or "Knitting Guy"under our avatars, but before our rank, so people wouldn’t get confused.

How about something to do with being talkative or helpful? “seasoned knitter” really wouldnt work? I remember when KellyK first started coming, and she was just quite talkative :slight_smile: Still is! And now she is seasoned, but then, she was new! (Just as an example)

Although, the knit patterns would work… like what misstialouise and contiknitter said.

It’s kind of ironic that posting a lot on KH gets you labeled a senior member, but talking frequently during class in elementary school meant a note to my Mom telling her she needed to do something about my overactive socializing in class. Who knew being a chatterbox would eventually be cool?

I’m just the opposite. I’m not very chatty but am a seasoned knitter. I still can’t cable very well but then again I can bust out a pair of socks like they are out of style. I do agree that we should have more creative titles but alas my brain can’t think this early.

All input is welcome!

The problem I see with referring to knitting skill is that a very seasoned knitter might sign up and be called a knitting newbie when he/she is not.

The same with yarn types. Just because someone signed up recently doesn’t mean they have to be dubbed Red Heart.:rofling::rofling: We’re supposed to be a welcoming place.:lol:

I think you should have …

Newbie - 0-100 posts
Let’s Talk - 101-500 posts
Chatty McChatPants - 501+ posts

:teehee: not sure about the middle one, feel free to substiute a better alternative :teehee:

Exactly. Just look at you, you weren’t even close to Red Heart or Newbie. You were already very experienced and good yarn-crazy (meant in the best possible way :teehee:) when you signed up!

That’s right Ingrid. Since the titles have to do with posting, maybe it should be something like - newbie, chiming in, comfortable, helpful, and obsessed. Or something like that, I’m not very creative… But I like the obsessed one for lots of posts… :teehee:

The member’s join date and number of posts is already reflected alongside each post, so why not eliminate the reference altogether and allow members to use the space for a tagline? Then I can publicly call myself an advanced n00b or a yarnstruck groupie. If someone’s av is his or her pet, the tagline could include the pet’s name. If it’s a vacation destination, the tagline could be “meet me in st. lou” or wherever it is. Allow some creativity. Does anyone really read signatures anyway?

An alternative would be the headers from the basic techniques page: cast-on, knit, purl, … bind-off, [SIZE=1]gone to that great knitvana in the sky… [SIZE=2]But that’d be cheesy.

Fiber types? Bad idea because everyone has a different favorite.


chatty mcphatpants~!:rofling::rofling::rofling:

Zip, I agree.

It seems like you can’t use names like “scarves”, “Boyle”, or RH to mean anything. Newbies won’t even know what you are talking about. :slight_smile: And besides scarves can be as “experienced” as you can make them and if you use Boyle needles it doesn’t mean you can’t knit a steeked sweater or the most beautiful lace shawl with them. IOW these titles seem disparaging.

The Newbie title you use now, just means newbie to the forum, it’s not the best, but I’m not sure something else would be better. It’s hard to find the “perfect” solution.


I love ZIP’s idea.:happydance:[/SIZE]

I was going to say the exact same thing as zip. I dont see why we need labels to begin with. I says how many posts you have, and really, who cares? I mostly lurk, but does that mean if someone has a question, and I answer it, that my response shouldnt be taken seriously because I dont post all the time? Whats the point on the labels? Or even showing how many posts?

It’s just a fun thing to add to the forum is all; some of them have rather silly ones, but that’s okay. And if you don’t make many posts, but have quite a lot of experience (at least in the question asked), by all means your answer counts.