Melissa Leapman/Gwen Bortner classes question

Is there anyone out there who has taken a class under the famed Melissa Leapman? I was planning to take a class under her or under Gwen Bortner and was wondering if anyone had any preferences.

I took a class with ML at Stitches west and enjoyed it very much. I cannot speak to the quality of Gwen Bortner’s teaching, sorry.
If you have any specific questions, let me know, I’ll try to answer them.

Hi Marnie,
Thanks for your reply. I have signed up for Leapman’s class and I too get the feeling that I am gonna enjoy it. I am so happy that I got a reply from you. Its like getting a reply from a celebrity :)) coz I watch your website and love your patterns. keep up the great work!!

Geeze, that’s really sweet. Let me know how your class goes.
What topic is she covering?

She is covering sweater design…