Melba sue pattern

I am working on the melba sue children’s dress pattern found on this website and am confused by a direction in the pattern. I have been working 60sts in stockinette stitch for 9 1/2 inches. The directions then say to decrease 13 sts evenly spaced across 47 sts. I don’t understand this as I have 60 sts on my needle and not 47sts. Do I decrease 13 sts in the first 47 of the 60 sts??

i could be wrong, without looking at the pattern, i have to believe that they mean that you are going to have 47 left when you decrease the 13 stitches?

…off to look at the pattern…

yeah i just looked at it and i think it is just badly written…i think it is telling you that you will have 47 left…that’s how it works out mathematically too…even in my bad math head! :wink:

That’s where some PUNCTUATION would’ve come in handy! Decrease 13 sts evenly blah blah blah[size=7],[/size] 47 sts.