Mega chunky yarn what can I do with it?!

Hello all from the UK! I am a beginner and to be honest Im hopeless!! I have purchased some beautiful Narvik mega chunky wool in huge 250g balls and haven’t a clue where to start! Would like to make perhaps a scarf but have no idea what needles, which stiches anyone recommend any patterns? Love this site it has helped me to learn to knit but Ive got someway to go yet! Hpapy knitting to you all!

I’d love to work with mega chunky wool, it knits up very fast, I once knit a scarf (Irish hiking scarf) in very thick yarn, only did two pattern repeats instead of 3, or the scarf would have become too wide.

Maybe you could try that pattern? Or some other scarf pattern, anything really.

As for the needles, when it says “use x or y needles”, I generally use x because I knit loosely. And it comes out quite loose as well, but that’s not a big problem.

Look at the needles it says to use on the label, then go up 1 or 2 sizes. In most cases, the needles used for the gauge on the label are to classify its weight; I find they make a little too stiff a fabric when used to knit an item. And you want a scarf to be soft and drapey. You may knit loosely and they’ll be fine, or you could just start with a couple sizes larger. Maybe a 17 or 19.

What does the gauge/tension say on the ball band? It should say a certain number of stitches over 4 inches (or however it’s written there). Then we can do a better search for patterns.

Here’s a few I found for super bulky yarn.

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