Meet The Snow's - Snowman Family Pattern

OK, we went to our home in Sarasota today and I dug out my Snowman Family for a family photo. The pattern can be found on here:

This would make a great KAL if anyone is interested. I realize that Christmas is 5 months away, but you can never get started too early.

These would make awesome Christmas gifts!

Have fun!

Thanks for posting, they are so adorable…that would be a great KAL project

Here’s a picture of The Snow’s taking in a Florida State football game. Wouldn’t it be cute to knit a whole bunch of different clothes for these guys? Of course, the inside of the body would have to be adapted because I don’t think the styrofoam would hold up to all the costume changes!


Have a snowman family knit pattern similar to Meet the Snow’s but experiencing difficulty following what to do after the decrease rows times nine for the larger snowman. How to cast it off and then how to wrap it around the balls?
I would like to see a pattern so I can compare it with the one I have.

It looks like the pattern may not be available anymore even on the wayback machine. Please start a new thread topic and be sure to post a link to your pattern along with the problem so we can help better.