Meet Abby

I finished this bonnet back at the end of 2021, but Abby, who is now 6 days old, wore it for the first time for her first well baby visit Thursday. That happened to be March 17, St Patrick’s Day, which also happens to be my birthday. Was I chuffed? You bet! So, here is me being THAT grandmother…image000000 (6)


Oh goodness me! Congratulations!
Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

(Oh and happy birthday)

And you are fulfilling the Grandmother role perfectly. What a sweetheart your Abby is!
Congratulations to you and your family.

Salmonmac and Creations,
Thank you for your sweet, sweet notes. Yes, it couldn’t have been a better birthday. I never allowed myself to think about being a grandparent because I didn’t want that kind of pressure on my kids. So, when it happened, it was, well, magic.