Medium - Did you see it?

Last night’s episode had the owner of a yarn shop in the prophetic dream. It showed her yarn shop with the bins of yarn. The owner’s daughter had been abducted and was being held captive with another girl. The shop owner’s daughter made the comment that her mother was always knitting and was hoping she would show up with knitting needles to shove into their captor’s eyes.

I never miss it but I did not hear that about the needles. It did look like the lady was stocking Lamb’s Pride though!

I saw it also. Now we have to wait till next week for the ending!

I had to do a Hooray when she mentioned the knitting! I think our knitting community is making an impression on the script writers–and I love it.:inlove: And I love Medium–Allison is darling, and I have to love Joe, too–I LOVE his accent!:aww:

I saw it, too. And, I couldn’t help but drool when they were showing the woman stocking the yarn shelves.

Joe has an accent? Or did you mean when he was fooling around…?

I was wondering the same thing…accent?

I’ve NEVER watched medium, until last night.
My opinion of the story last night?
it was violent, sickening, and disgusting. Quite vile.
The imagery was horrifying.

Are they always that graphic and intense?

The actor that plays Joe is British. Maybe she meant he has a cute accent in real-life interviews? :slight_smile:

Another Brit playing an American with no discernible accent! I was shocked the first time I heard House not being House.

it did look like lamb’s pride she was stocking! I must be a real knitting nerd now!:roflhard:

I’m not a fan of the show, either for that same reason - also, don’t like shows about communicating with the dead. However, DH hardly ever misses it. I usually read or go use my computer until it’s over.

I LOVE this show!!! I was so happy when they mentioned knitting. granted the girl didn’t seem to like it that her mother knitted but at least they showed the knitting store. And wasn’t that one sick little girl?

The whole point of this show is that a psychic is helping find people who have been kidnapped or solve murders so yes it gets a little graphic well because kidnapping and murders tend to be graphic. Besides its at 10pm. so I don’t see the problem no kiddies will be corrupted by it.

I love the family dynamic it has. They have a good and real marriage. they fight and make up. they struggle. They argue with the kids, play with the kids, etc and they actually involve the kids in the story.

and I ADORE Joe. I love the way he talks.

I love this show & never miss an episode. I think this is one of the best seasons yet. Loved the scene with the knitting store in it. :thumbsup:

I saw it. I didn’t think I’d like a show ie that but I saw an episode about 2 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I also like the family dynamic.

If you want to see Monday’s episode it’s on

Medium is one show that I never miss. I thought it was kind of “funny” that the one girl said that her mother would be looking for her because she was an investigator; the other girl said that her mother was probably home knitting her a sweater. :teehee: