Medical bag pattern

I was wondering if anyone knew a medical bag pattern.:think: I have type 1 diabetes and I have to carry arounnd my medical supplies when i go out some where.I want to knit a bag to fit my style. Also to keep things organized. Even almost like a purse of something would work. Just anything to keep mediacal supplies in. Any ideas?:shrug:

Thanks for just ANY help!:grphug:

I think there’s a pattern for it in the Tracey Ullman knitting book, can’t remember the title.

eta - it’s Knit 2 together, and here’s a picture of the bag from knitpicks. You can get the book from a library, Knit picks, used at Amazon.

I don’t know what all supplies you use so I’m not sure of the size you need. Would it all fit in a pencil case sized bag?

Here’s one
And if you belong to Ravelry she has a group there

I use quite a few iteams. A pencil case size is to small. Something like a desent sized purse would work. Thanks for trying though!:cheering: