Medical advice needed

DD came home from school today with her elbow wrapped in an ace bandage. After asking what happened and getting an I don’t know, I inspected her arm. She has a huge dark bruise just to the upper inside of her elbow. About 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Her elbow bone (don’t know what it’s called) is almost black with bruise. Her upper arm is numb and her lower arm is swollen. Her fingers are numb and swollen and she can’t move them much. She says it hurts and tingles. She went to the nurse at school and she told DD that she thought it was broken, but they didn’t bother to call me. I tried to get her in to the dr’s office, but they require at least half the fee. My only other option is the ER and if they take x-rays, which I know they will, it’ll be around 1,000 bucks. Sooo, all you smarth people and mom’s… I need to know what to do. Should I pput some ice on it even though it’s been over 12 hours? Would that help? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Oh my… sounds broken to me!

Keep ice on it, it’ll help with the swelling… And definitely get her to the ER.

They should be able to sign you up with free care or something if you don’t have health insurance.

Keep us updated! Hope she feels better…

There is not an urgent care in the area? Good luck!

There’s the emergency room at the hospital about 12 miles away… other than that we’d have to wait until tomorrow. We don’t qualify for free care, but do qualify for the no money now payments at the hospital.

You really should go… The sooner you get her some xrays and get the bone set, the better off she’ll be… It’ll be a long sleepless night for everyone :frowning:


If it’s broken, they’re probably going to want to take x-rays anyway, so they know how to set it. And, your daughter will be in better shape the sooner you treat it. Ice can help with the swelling and pain, but you don’t want nerve damage, which I would worry about with the numb fingers and such.

Depending on which state you’re in, your daughter might qualify for free or low-cost care, even if you yourself don’t. It’s definitely something to look in to.

Also, that nurse sucks, and I hope your daughter feels comfortable telling you what happened… bones don’t just break on their own.

Good luck!!

ok. it is totally, completely and utterly ridiculous that you were not notified by the school immediately. i would raise a stink and insist on speaking with the principal and on up if necessary to get this taken care of!:tap::fingerwag:

it really does sound broken, and you MUST get her checked out. hospitals will let you pay until the end of time as long as you are making an effort.

[B]i’d like to re-emphasize that you need to get her treated quickly. she could be having compartment syndrome and by waiting, it will only get worse, possibly requiring surgery!!![/B]

i see you are in kansas. is it feasible to head to children’s mercy in kansas city? she really needs medical attention for this.

hope i don’t seem pushy, but i’m a nurse and this is important for her well-being.

I also advise going to the er…although I broke my arm at 5, I have asked my mom what made her think it was broken. since i was little, i still remember how horrified i was to go to the dr. , i don’t remember the pain. I broke mine falling out of our neighbor’s kiddie pool and i actually broke the bigger of the two bones in my forearem. I think she said my arm was swollen and purple and i kept hugging it to my tummy to “protect” it.

Along with that stink you should make to the school…you should also add a big fat, “and because you failed to inform me of this injury…I will be sending the bill to the attention of principal so-and-so with a copy to the superintendant’s office.” Honestly, it is the LEAST they could do to avoid further action in my opinion!! :thumbsup:

ETA: to make it less like I am yelling, I do really hope your dd feels better poor child. i do hope it turns out to be ok for her and you. xoxoxox

Children’s Mercy is about 75 miles away. She wasn’t in too bad of shape earlier, but now seems to be having shooting pains from her fingers to her elbow, so I guess we’ll head out to the ER. I hope it’s not too crowded…

i agree with everyone else. it sounds broken - and serious. ice it 20min on, 20min off (and of course wrapped in something so it’s not directly on the skin). and get her in as soon as you can.

[I]and[/I] definately complain to the school. they should have called you immediately.

i’m so glad to hear you are having her seen. the shooting pains sounds suspiciously like there is swelling compressing a nerve.

best wishes to you both.

We’re baaaack! It wasn’t broken. It was a hyperextension sprain with ligament and tissue injury. Or so the doc said. The shooting pains are caused by muscle spasms. The swelling was caused by… can’t remember. They gave her some lortabs and flexeril and put it in a sling.

Now… as to what happened and I can see why she wouldn’t really think that was the cause… the bruise was from the day before playing football, she got stepped on by someone. The real damage was caused while walking down the hallway at school. She tripped, threw her arm out to catch her balance and two people, one in front and one in back, sandwiched her arm and bent it the wrong way at the elbow. Her second hour teacher is the one that sent her to the office. It was the secretary that looked at it and wrapped it. The nurse wasn’t even there. I’ll still be having a talk with them since they could plainly see it was injured and swollen.

Thanks for all your advice and help. You all are great!

i’m so glad it wasn’t broken. and thanks for the update. hugs to you both.

That’s huge neglect on the part of the school!! If it had have gone on too much longer, there could have been permanent damage! Go in and kick their A%%!!!

I’m glad, however, to hear that it’s not broken.

I just got back from talking to the secretary. She said she didn’t call me because DD had asked her not to. She said when she asked DD how it got hurt that she told her it was “personal” and that it would be “okay.” She said she got the impression that it had been hurt the day before. She also said that she thought about DD a lot last night because she knows me and the kids and was worried what was going on, knew I wouldn’t have hurt her, but was considering notifying CPS. Soooo, now am looking forward to a talk with DD when she gets up. In the back of my mind I’m thinking her BF might have twisted her arm because they’re always wrestling (playing) around. I’m thinking now, since he’s not my favorite person, that she’s trying to protect him. And, before you get the wrong impression,(like he’s abusing her) DD is not a girly-girl and loves physical interaction (football, wrestling, weightlifting) She’s 5" 7" and 140 lbs. She can bench press 175 lbs. and leg press 150.

Hmm… y’know what… despite what your DD wanted, the secretary still had an obligation to call you in case of injury. She’s still at fault (the secretary, not your DD).

:noway: this is very possible, debinoz. Something isn’t clear in your DD’s story! You definitely need a talk with her… Good luck! :hug:

I still think the school should have called you however. :shrug:

Little late…glad to read it wasn’t broken, but I agree the school should have called you even if the dd said no… I Hope you can get it worked out and that she feels better soon :hug:

I thought about that also. (Her not contacting me anyway)So I called and she said she thought that I had already known about it since she got the impression it had happened the night before. I told her that even though she got that impression, I thought parents were supposed t be notified if a child went to the nurses office. They don’t. In high school they only call if there is a serious problem like blood and protruding bones. They figure the kids are old enough to decide whether their parent should be called. She hung up with apologies, again, and promising to call if anything else happens.