Medfast anyone?

Has anyone here done the Medifast diet to lose weight? My dh and I are on our 5th day and so far so good. I have a lot to lose so I’ll be on it for awhile. Then gradually add a few other “regular” foods but keep watching so I don’t gain back what I lose.

I personally have never used it. Two year ago, I had a gastric bypass, and I know ALOT of the surgeons require their patients to do this prior to surgery to help shrink the liver. Some of the people I’ve met through support groups have said they tried Medfast before resorting to the surgery and every single one gained everything back.

I truly hope this is not the case for you and you and your husband are successful with this.

Oh I hope it won’t be the same for my dh and I. They must have gone back to their old way of eating in order to have gained all their weight back.
I know a few people that had the Gastric Bypass and also have gained back their weight. I guess no matter what we “do” we have to control ourselves. Good luck to you:) !