Measurments after blocking

I’m working for the first time with a washable wool, making a toddler sweater. (I usually make afghans with acrylic so don’t worry about size or blocking). I knitted to the length specified in the pattern, measuring with it dry and still on the needles (working flat on interchangeable needles, so laying flat at center of wire). Then I dampened the pieces – well, actually, wet then rolled in towel. When I attempted to block it, however, it was much(!) larger. Enough so that I couldn’t even scrunch it enough. What could I have possibly done wrong? Is it the wool (Debbie Bliss Rialto dk). My swatch was fine even after wetting.

Superwash wools tend to grow a lot when you wash them. Generally, if you pop it in the dryer on low, it will go back to its proper shape and size. Just don’t leave it until it’s completely dry.

(Looking at comments about this particular yarn, it seems the label says to dry flat. But people have machine washed and dried with success.)