What is the proper way to measure length? I am knitting a garter stitch bag. I need it to be 13 1/2" long. If I hold it up by needle on top and measue to the needle( not the top of the loop on needle) I get 11 1/2". If I just lay it flat on the table I get 11 1/2" . If I lay it flat and just barely smooth it out I get 12". I am measuring from the middle. In crochet I always laid the piece flat and made sure sides were straight and measured from the center. But on needles it is a bit tricky and this is my first knitting project. Any tips would be muchly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Lay it flat on a surface that isn’t too “grabby”. I use a wooden or glass tabletop. Smooth the knitting out gently without stretching it out and measure from the top of the needle to the bottom edge (or wherever your start point is). I repeat this process to check that I’m getting as close to a true measure as I can.

That said, I always measure from the bottom of the needle to the start point. We all have our quirks and I guess that’s one of mine. The difference of a row or two has never been critical even for small items.

Thank you. I use our coffee table to lay piece flat. I wasn’t expecting a 1/2" difference with just smoothing it out. I know it is just a bag, but if I. Do not learn now it will cause issues later if I decide to make a garment. I am checking frequently now as I am nearing the end. I am so excited.

It is exciting. We’d love to see a photo when you finish.

I will be sharing a photo. :blush: