Measuring work, very new knitter

Hello to all,
I just started knitting (learned from a book and mostly the clips on this site)this site has greatly helped me. what I am trying to do is very ambitious for a new knitter, I have so far made a few hats, a couple of scarfs and a throw (learned my lesson on that one, use bigger needles for throws lol). I am in the early stages of making a pair of camo pants that I got from a free Bernat pattern, believe it or not I am not needing help with stitches or anything it has to do with measuring, I mostly crochet and measuring is very easy so thought it would carry over, I imagine this is a very easy question, just the answer is escaping me, in the pattern it states to measure 7", so is this 7" to just under the needle or do I include the stitches that are on the needle?

Blessed be to all the knitters!

You include the stitches on the needle too because that’s the row you’re on.


:thinking: To be honest I don’t think that it makes that much difference for most projects, but be consistent. I do tend to measure the needle stitches as well myself.

Thank you, thank you :muah: , I have been pondering this for a little while now. I couldn’t imagine how the logic was escaping me so badly, I think I need more coffee :teehee:

Depending on the size of your needles, even if you measured to the row under them, that would be fairly accurate. If they’re size 11 or bigger, that would be about 1/4 inch difference, but for smaller ones, probably only about 1/6 inch difference.


Do you mean you measure the width of the needle?

When i measure I M usually working with Circular needles
so i measure to the middle of the stitches on the needle,
or, more simply, to just under the wire
since that inclused the row I M on but takes into account that the current row will be a bit smaller when the last row is done

maybe I M making it harder than it needs to be
but it works for me


I measure below the needle, figuring what’s on the needle hasn’t been knit yet and so isn’t included. As others said, as long as you are consistent, it really shouldn’t make much of a difference, unless your needles are huge, in which case sizing probably isn’t crucial anyway.

But you have knitted the row on the needles, so it should be included. As you point out though, it’s usually not a large measurement, especially if you’re getting 6 or 7 rows/inch.


I don’t measure what’s on my needles because when you BO, those stitches go fairly flat. If I measure below the needle, it seems to be a more true measurement of the finished length of my piece. But that’s just me! :teehee:

I guess I always think of what’s on the needle as not knit yet, since they’re live stitches. So when I’m doing, say, some sock ribbing that will change to stockinette, I measure my ribbing from the cast on edge to the bottom of the needle, then when it’s whatever length I’m looking for, I start my stockinette on those live stitches on the needle - so I’m actually measuring just what’s ribbing. As long as I’m consistent, I guess I won’t wobble when I walk :D.

I’ve never really found a definitive answer to this, I think it’s one of those things where people just do what works for them. Hail individuality!

That is a MUCH better version of what I was trying to say. :slight_smile: It’s all good, though–whatever works best for you, ladygodiva. Hail individuality, indeed! :happydance:

That’s true for the BO, but when you’re suppose to, say, knit an armhole for 7 inches, you need to include the row on the needles too.


Wow thank you all for all your info, definitely a lot to learn about knitting, looks like I came to the right place though.

Blessed be to all.

I think we like to talk about knitting as much as do it!


Good call. :slight_smile: