Measuring ribbing

Hey everyone,

I started on the ribbing for arisaig on and want to make sure that I’m knitting the correct gauge. I’m doing the medium one, and the diagram says that the ribbing at the bottom should measure 18" across before decreasing… but how do you measure ribbing? I dont want to measure it too gathered, but then I dont know if I’m stretching it out too far when I measure it, either. Any suggestions?

Also, if anyone is interested in an arisaig KAL that would be great… or if anyone has completed it and has suggestions please let me know (like how to keep the second set of the lace pattern centered). Thanks!


You shouldn’t use ribbing to measure gauge for just this reason. There’s no way to know if it’s too stretched out, or not enough. For this pattern, the gauge should be measured by knitting a 4" x 4" swatch in the lace pattern. You should end up with 28 sts and 44 rows. :thumbsup:

Yeah I did the gauge in the recommended size 2 needles, but it was too big, so i switched to 1 and it was perfect… so for the ribbing I did 0 instead of 1 as suggested… just by doing this hould I be on the right track then?



I’m really interested in the answer on this, too.

How do you swatch for a peice that’s completely ribbed? Do you assume that the gauge was found by stockinette or in ribbing?

The pattern is SUPPOSED to tell you how they came up with the gauge, but they don’t always. I imagine that if a pattern is all in rib, you probably should measure your gauge in rib unless it tells you that it’s in st st.

Usually the gauge is based on the main part of the pattern–not the ribbing or edging–and is done is the same pattern–st st, lace, stranded, intarsia, etc.

If you find you have to decrease or increase a needle size to get gauge on the main part, I think you’re safe doing the same for the ribbing, too.

TY Ingrid!!!