Measuring length of knitting - allow for blocking?

Hello - I’m working on my first sweater - so far so good :slight_smile:

Anyhow - when the pattern says knit piece until x inches long, do I allow for the blocking, which will add a bit of length? Or do I still measure the knitting absolutely flat and unstretched?


No. Don’t allow for blocking.

Just be sure to lay the piece down on a smooth flat surface, being sure it is not stretched at all…and do your lengthwise measuring.

I hope you will knit a ‘gauge swatch’ before embarking on your knitting.

A gauge swatch is most important for the ‘widthwise’ stitch gauge.

If you are knitting with wool, blocking can bring the piece out to the required schematic measurements, that is, if your gauge swatch is a tad ‘off’ in stitch gauge. But it’s best to keep working with different needle sizes until your gauge is pretty much ‘spot on’.

“Row Gauge” is the lengthwise measurement. Not as critical to get exactly to the measurement required.

Thank you, art lady! I did check my gauge, so I’m good there.

I have been wondering the very same thing. I am working on a shrug with vertical ribs so it is very stretchy. I also have directions to knit to a certain length.

I asked a related question to a knitter on Ravelry who has done the same pattern and she told me that blocking had made very little difference to the size. Her suggestion was to seam a sleeve and try it on as I knit (it is the piece that covers my back that I need to knit to a certain length) this is what I am doing - could you try something similar?

My gauge square did not include the ribs so is not really an indicator.