Measuring length, lay work flat or hang it?

Hi all,

I’m knitting this . I’m about to start the decreased for the armholes. Because the yarn is fairly drapey, it is a lot longer when I measure it while it’s hanging, rather than when I lay it flat. How to you measure the length of larger items that stretch when hung?


That’s a good question. I’d probably measure it as it’s hanging since I want it to be the right length as I wear it.

Thank you! I think that will work well. It’s taking me a REALLY long time to knit, but when I finish it, I hope to post a picture or at least tell how it came out. :slight_smile:

on a knitty gritty TV episode with Lily Chin, she suggested hanging the piece to measure it, if it is something like a sweater. she said it is more accurate in measurement. she showed the difference with a ribbon yarn swatch and there was at least an inch difference between measuring flat and hanging.

Another vote for hanging. Especially with any yarn that has weight. You probably don’t want an 8" armhole (flat) to grow to 9" or 10" while being worn.


THAT’S where I saw that! :slight_smile: I love Lily Chin, I could watch her all day. Does she have her own shows?