Measuring in the round knitting


I prefer to knit in the round because I hate the sewing up part of knitting flat! When it comes to measuring the length of my knitting I can never work out how to get an accurate measurement. I’ve tried laying it flat and measuring it from the cast off edge on top of the piece and I’ve tried laying it flat and measuring it from the cast off edge inside the piece. I’ve made sweaters in the past that I thought were the length I wanted them to be up to the armholes but they’ve ended up a little shorter than I would have liked. Has anybody got any tips for accurately measuring your in the round work?


Are you measuring on a smooth flat surface like a table or counter top? The only thing I can think of is that too much smoothing down of the knit fabric might be stretching it. Maybe a sheet of tissue paper between the sweater layers would help the knit fabric relax?
I’m guessing here because it sounds like this doesn’t happen to you when you knit sweaters flat.


i too prefer to work in the round whenever possible. it just makes sense to me, it’s generally simple and easy to work that way, and also i like being a folksy traditionalist.

i’m not sure i understand the question though bc i just measure my work the same way i measure anything else (lay flat, don’t stretch, etc). i can’t tell if you meant to imply that the trouble you experience is something totally unique to your circular knitting, or if i’m just reading it wrong…(?)


Thanks for your replies. I do lay it flat but, for example the last sweater I did I knitted longer before the armholes as I wanted it longer than the pattern said, but it still was shorter than it should have been. Maybe I an stretching it out slightly and laying it too flat rather than just letting it lie flat naturally!


maybe it has something to do with how a tube weighs more than a flat piece of the same width…? just a wild guess, but depending how one works and handles a piece of knitting and the yarn material its own weight could be stretching and distorting it differently.