Measuring help

this is an old picture of it, but i am working on the kenobi jacket from the fall 2007 knit scene

here’s the problem. it says to follow pattern along until it measures 19" from the CO. However, as you can see in the picture, the CO edge is not even because of the differing pattern stitches. At this point, the stockinette measures 19 inches already (unrolled), while the 1 x 1 rib is a little less, and the moss measures just about 18", which is kinda far off for a garment.

i realize this piece will need to be blocked and shaped before seaming, but how should i measure it now to know when to stop?


Someone with more garment knitting knowledge is going to have to advise you, I just wanted to say it’s gorgeous!
In my experience with blocking (depending upon the fiber, too) I’ve had success with making a piece a bit longer rather than shorter. But then again, I’m not very experienced with garment knitting. Ingy will know for sure, as will several other KHer’s … I just had to tell ya it’s beautiful!

Will you be picking up stitches along the edges? That will even them out quite a bit.

As to when to stop, are any of the sections too short for your liking? If so, I’d work to where there is no section too short. If the st st is longer than 19, then so be it. The importance is how it fits the wearer, not how well it goes with the directions.

thank you both!

no picking up stitches at that edge, no. so just to make sure i understand, you’re saying for instance if 19" is indeed my desired measurement, i should knit until the shortest section is 19" and not worry about the slight difference as opposed to hoping they block correctly, thereby ensuring it is at least long enough and maybe only slightly too long (but not really anyway, too long really isn’t a concern for me)?

i think i like this idea because i will then be able to match up the length of the 2 fronts better as well since the moss stitch is present in all pieces of the jacket.

thanks so much!!! :slight_smile:

I’d prefer longer over shorter, too. Pick a section to use as a guide and then you can do the front the same. Blocking will help, plus you always have the option of adding an edge of some kind if you want.:shrug:

sounds like a great plan, thank you!!! :slight_smile: