Measuring help with a pattern

Hi a question for all you experienced people, you have been so helpful so far.
I am knitting a baby hat to go with my little garter stitch jacket (which is now complete :slight_smile:)
The hat pattern says knit until measure 11cm from the edge of turnback. There is a different colour wool for the turnback.
Do I measure from where I cast on to start or where I work in the new colour?
Thanks in advance


It is a little confusing but I agree with your interpretation. Start measuring from the color change at the end of the turnback. Since it’ll be turned up, that line es effectively the edge of the hat.
What is the name of the pattern?

Hi Salmonmac,
I got from love knitting.

Oh, very sweet. Yes, measure from the start of the new color for the hat body.

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