Measuring gauge

I have a quick question about measuring for gauge. This is the first time I’ve ever had a pattern where I’ve needed to do it!! First of all, do I measure on the right side or wrong side? Second, is it best to measure just an inch of the swatch, or measure the whole thing and then divide (ex: 3 inches, 9 stitches = 3 stitches per inch.)

I hope that makes sense!


I would knit a swatch several stitches larger than you need for four inches. For instance, if the suggested gauge is 3st/inch, then you would need 12 sts for 4 inches, and so I would cast on 16 sts. Then I would knit for a good inch larger of rows than you would need for four rows. If there is no row gauge written, I would knit for twice as many rows as you have stitches, plus a few. Then, measure for one inch in several different spots to see what your gauge is like, and take an average of all the measurements you get.

Afterwards, either rip the swatch out and use it for your knitting, or bind it off and make it a coaster.