Measuring for armhole shaping

I’m trying to knit a shell from Berroco, “Tina” It’s supposed to be easy! My question is the measuring for the armhole. After the initial bind off of 5sts. for 6 rows, I now go into another pattern until armhole measure 7in. Now, do I measure from the first initial bind off for the 7in. or am I measuring from the last bind off for 7 in.???

what exactly does the pattern say?

It says: Bind off 5 sts at beg of the next 2 rws., then 5 sts at the beg of the next 2 rws, now I should begin to establish the cable pattern, and work even in pat as established until armhole measures 7" , end on WS

You measure up from the row you did the first BO on. Even though the other side is a row later, you finish the 2nd side a row later too, so they end up having the same number of rows.

So, it’s totally normal to have the pat looking like “steps” after you bind off?

Yes, and those disappear after seaming.

You can elim the ‘steps’ if you slip the last st in the row before the BO. For ex, for RS, slip the last st on the WS. Turn to RS, slip the slipped st and the next st to the right ndl, do one BO. (Then do any add’l BOs working st, lifting over, as usual.) This will create a slope which’ll give you a rounded armhole.