Measuring children and men

Okay, so I know how to take my own measurements. But if I’m going to be making a vest for my boys and my dh, do I just measure right around the chest? Last time I made dh a sweater, it ended up being a tad tight. When looking at the pattern, do I pick a measurement that is actually an inch or two larger than the actual chest measurement?

I measure around their chest and then I pick the next size up for my daughter but my son usually 2 sizes up fits him better… cause I’ll put a dress shirt under it or another type of shirt… when I took my sweater class they suggested you go up an inch or two depending on how loose they like theirs to fit… :smiley:

At the Sweater Wizard demo I went to, they highly recommended measuring a garment that fits really well, instead of measuring the actual person. :smiley:

Thanks! :thumbsup: