Measuring a hat

I am knitting a hat on dpns how do I measure the hat using double pointed needles.

I’m not sure what you are asking.

Are you asking how to try it on to see if it fits? You’ll have to slide the sts off the needles and onto scrap yarn. Try it on. If happy put the sts back on the needles and keep knitting.

Are you asking how to measure the width/circumference? If the sts are distributed evenly among 4 needles, lay two needles (sets of sts) flat and measusre the width. Double this number (because it is half of the hat) to get the total width/circumference.

this is what the pattern says. knit until the hat measures the desired hight for size including the ribbing so the measure is 4.75 how do i do that

You want to measure from the cast on straight up to the dpn. This will include the ribbing for most hats.
Do you have a pattern link or a picture ofthe hat?

Yes, just measure straight up from the cast on edge. No rolled edge or anything else, just an adorable beanie. Enjoy finishing it. Do post a picture when you finish if you’d like and thanks for posting the link. Perfect.