Hello there!

Well, I started my vest! And…I already have a question for you all! :aww:

I’m making a size large, if that will help you out. The pattern says early on that a marker should be placed after stitch 86 and stitch 99. There should be “3 sts after last marker at the top by neck.”

I’m working on the short rows immediately below that, and I’m at the part where it says to work “until piece measures 2 7/8” measured at the top (= by neck) and approx. 8 1/8" at the bottom (stop after 1 row worked from RS)."

Until the first marker (after 86 sts), the piece measures the longest. After that, until the second marker (after 99 stitches), it is a little shorter. And after the second marker, there are three stitches left, and that part is the shortest. Does this mean that “by the neck” is the three stitches after the second marker? Is that the part that is supposed to measure 2 7/8"?

Hopefully that is all easy enough to understand.
KG :wink:

Yes it’s that part at the 3 sts that you want to use to measure the “by the neck” inches. The longer measure will be at the wider part of the vest. This does look like a fun vest to knit!

Thank you!! :hug:

One more question…when it says “stop after 1 row worked from RS”, does that mean work until first marker and then stop? Or do I need to work the return row, too?

Again, I [I]really[/I] appreciate your help!
KG :wink:

You should work only the RS row and this should be a complete RS row worked on all 102 sts. Then turn and work the first 32 sts on the WS. These will become the sleeve. The remaining 70sts will go on a holder for the body. For now you’ll be working on the sleeve only.