Measurement to underarm

Is the measurement to the underarm the SAME for set sleeves as for raglan? I am doing a men’s raglan and the measurement to the underarm for a size large says 16".isn’t this short? OR should I take the measurement on the person and just do that much?

You mean the sleeve length, not the raglan length? Yes it should be the same from the wrist to the underarm. 16" does seem a little short, measure another sweater or sweater shirt. The sleeve won’t go all the way up to the armpit, you need a couple inches of ease there which makes the actual sleeve length less than that measurement would be.

I’m sorry…I meant from the bottome of weater to underarm …om front and back of sweater

oh my gosh…I hurried that last response. Yes, I mean measurement from bottom of sweater to underarm on the raglan, not the sleeve. I am a first time user of this site!!

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thanks…for suggestions. The pattern is a lion’s brand raglan,#80682AD

For the body of the sweater then. Your best bet is still to measure a sweater or sweatshirt that fits well and go by that. My sweaters are about 14", but I’m short from my hips to shoulders, so 16-17" for a man may be about right.