Measurement question!

Hi again!!

I’ve got another question about my coat/jacket pattern! This time it’s about the chest/bust measurement. Here’s a link for it:

I’ve got a pear shaped body: chest-39" and hips 47". I don’t know which size to make. If I choose the 38" one, then it will fit up top but be too small at the hips. If I choose the size to fit my hips, it will be too big everywhere else!!!

What would you do if you were in my shoes?? (aside from losing about 40 lbs) If I make the 38 size, the finished chest size is 42 and then the coat could just hang open at the hips. What do you think??

Opinions/tips PLEASE!!!
Thanks (again)

What if you do the second size? It fits a 38" chest, finished size 42". For the hips, if you cast on 115sts, that will give you 51" finished measurement at the hips at 9sts/4inches gauge (finished inches x 9/4 = no sts to cast on).
You’ll have to figure out where and how to do the decreases to get from about 115sts to ~95sts for the chest but you can use the pattern placement to help with that.