Measurement question (Combo Corsette-T)

I’m working on the Combo Corsette-T that was featured on diynetwork.,2046,DIY_18180_43404,00.html

It says to follow lace pattern until it measures 3 inches from cast on edge. Ok, technically I have 2 edges now as the lace effect has created another edge. I have taken a picture of my work and was hoping to post it here and someone can tell me which edge I need to be measureing 3 inches from.

So after looking at my picture is it edge number 1 or number 2 I should be measuring from? Thanks!


PS this is only my 2nd casted on garment so I’m new to the garment lingo!

I’d say the longer point. From the picture, it looks like that’s the top, so however long you want the part on the shoulders to be is where you should stop. It looks about 3 inches in the pic.