Measure gauge in stitch pattern

I think I can do this, but just checking . . this is a Norah Gaughan fractal pattern and it calls for 20 sts = 4 ". I am using the recommended yarn so that is not a problem. Just trying to pick apart the stitches to count them.
There are twisted stitches, cabled stitches, and knit in back loop of second st, then knit first and second st together and slip both off, kinda complicated, any tips to count sts to check gauge ?

Don’t try to count the individual sts, but a stitch pattern repeat. If you have 12 sts in a cable repeat (the cable sts plus some on either side) you then at 5 sts/inch the whole repeat should be something like 2.4". If there’s 16 sts across a pattern, it would be 3.2".