Measure gauge in 2x2 rib?

Hi all,

OK, I’m getting ready to start another tank and I’m confused. How do you measure the gauge swatch if it is knitted in 2x2 rib stitch? That normally gathers in, so do you stretch it out when measuring? I read that, but I don’t know how much to stretch. Does that make sense? I got seriously burned on gauge before, so I want to do this correctly.

Any tips would be appreciated. :??


Good question. I would love to know the answer too. I am hoping to make a sweater here soon (if I ever finish my other projects) that is in a 2 X 2 ribbing. Looking at the pattern they give the gauge in the pattern “slightly stretched” which to me is clear as mud. :thinking:

This is just a guess…
If the pattern says that a certain # of stitches should measure X inches over k2 p2 ribbing, I would assume they mean UNstretched. The tank I am knitting now has a gauge measurement over St St, so when I checked my gauge I did it in St St instead of ribbing… and the ribbing is naturally coming out “tighter” than my swatch; I don’t have enough to unstretch it yet (i hate ribbing it’s too slow) but I :?? hope it comes out right…
Gardenia, is your project ribbing all over?
Vicki, does the pattern suggest a gauge in any other stitch besides ribbing? I don’t know how to “slightly stretch” something… that does sound ambiguous.


The gauge given in the pattern (which is Italian) is in the pattern stitch. I have a couple of books that mention stretching the swatch (as Vicki’s pattern did), but it is hard to know how much!

I will keep digging.

Thanks. Just got home from work and am very tired!!! :study: