Measure from cast on or end of ribbing?

Hello everyone!

I’m working on sleeves for the Staple Jumper, and I did 10 rows of ribbing before stockinette. The pattern says Cont without further inc until work measures 50cm from beg (or until desired length), working last row on WS.

It doesn’t specify from the cast on row, but because of the ribbing, I’m a bit confused. Do I measure 50cm from the cast on row or 50cm after the ribbing?

I probably would’ve just winged it if it wasn’t for the fact this is going to be a gift, so I just want to make sure it’s right.

Thank you in advance! :two_hearts:

I take from the beg to mean from the cast on edge. If the pattern gives finished measurements that could confirm for you which is intended.

Nice pattern.


From information given, I would measure from caston😊

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I agree, from the cast on edge.
Or if it is not a secret gift ask the lucky recipient if you can measure their arm to get it just the length you want. I like my sleeves extra long for example whereas some people like a sleeve to stop exactly at the wrist.

I like to count rows when I make the first sleeve so that the second sleeve is made with the same number of rows for the “continue without shaping” part. I find this easier than measuring the second sleeve.


Really helpful advice re: counting the rows!


Thank you everyone for being so helpful! :hugs: