Measure a hat?

i’m currently knitting odessa and i’ve been working the regular pattern for a few inches now.

i’m supposed to keep going until it measures 5.5 inches from the cast on edge but i’m not really sure how i’m supposed to measure.

do i measure it as is? or… do i try to flatten the hat out as much as possible and measure? or do i stretch it out so that the section i measure is “straight”? or do i stretch it to look like it’s in the shape of a hat? because right now i’m getting measurements between 4 and 6 inches. :??

I just put it in my lap and got out my tape measure. I’m of the mind that a tiny bit either way is no big deal so I wasn’t too picky. :shrug:

Whenever I measure something I lay it flat on a smooth surface (ie: table, wood floor). Then measure from the beginning of the piece to just below the needles.

I’ve found that if I lay it on anything with a texture (ie: rug, bed, lap) the item can become miss-shapen and my measurements get all whacky.