Meaning of Pattern Directions?

Hi everyone, I would love some help to understand my instructions to the pattern.

Starting with 113 st. Work 8 rows straight.

Next row: k1, ssk, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1(2 sts dec’d)
Cont to dec as set on foll 2 (12th) rows
107 rows

Work straight for 15 rows.

(The area in bold letters are the one I don’t understand.
Thank you so much!

What is the name and designer of your pattern?
The directions for Next row give you the placement of the decreases, one stitch in from the edges. There will be 2 decreases per decrease row.
The bolded direction probably refers to 2 different sizes, the first one before the parentheses and the second within the parentheses. Keep working the decreases either on the following 2 rows for the smaller size or on the following 12th row for the larger size. For this 12th row you would knit 11 rows without a decrease and then decrease on the next row.

Does the “107” refer to rows or to stitches?

Thanks for the help. The pattern is from the magazine simply knitting and the designer is Bronagh Miskelly.

I uploaded a picture for you to see the instructions clearly; I am making the 3rd size in the brackets in color light green. It is in the very first paragraph that I have my issue.

Dec as set on following 2 12th rows
If “next row” where you did the first decrease is row 1 then dec again on rows 13 and 25.

It just looked like two different sizes in your first post because one of the numbers was in brackets.

Hope this helps

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Oh, I see. The 107 is the stitch count after you’ve completed the decreases. Yes, Creations has the answer, the 2 following 12th rows.


Alright! I will do that.

Thank you.

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