Meander Mitts

Has anyone knit the Meander Mitts in the Fall 2009 Vogue magazine? I’m just finishing up the first mitt with the skein of Buffalo Gold that they recommend, but I’m afraid I won’t have enough for the second mitt. My gauge is correct and the first mitt fits …well, like a glove - so I’m going to be really disappointed if I have to purchase more yarn.

I would be too! But I bet that yarn is delicious! Closest I’ve ever been to it is to fondle it until the store clerks started eyeing me up strangely.

If you have a kitchen scale you could weigh what you have left - it should be half the skein’s weight.

I think before shelling out for a 2nd skein, which you’d only need a little of, I’d reknit them. Maybe even do them 2 at a time so I’d know I was using exactly half the available yarn for each.

I looked the project up at ravelry - you should join if you’re not already a member.

Of the people who used the Buffalo Gold yarn, no one mentioned coming up short.