Me wearing sweater & headband

Just before I put the green sweater in the box to mail it I tried it on. I didn’t think it would fit me, but it did, so DH took some pictures. I also made a headband of my own devising to match the sweater with my left over yarn. The fact that it fits me means it will probably be a bit big on DD, but I don’t have anything under it and she will be able to wear it over things, so it may be okay.

That’s just beautiful, Judy! I dont like my sweaters too tight for that very reason so it will probably be perfect!

That looks lovely on you and is a wonderful gift for your DD. The color and design are terrific. What a perfect delight to see!

Both of these look great on you, and I’m sure, will look good on your daughter, too. I agree with Jan–a little big is perfect!

Thanks for sharing the picture! It’s always nice to see how something fits, and your creation fits beautifully!!!

What a lovely sweater. What is the pattern called and where did you get it? Thanks

See the thread here where Merigold gives pattern info for this sweater:

It’s lovely! I know your daughter will love it!

What a beautiful job! I especially like your headband. Do you have a pattern for this or is it something you thought of?

I got the pattern free on-line from Drops Design (I love their patterns). Its official name is 127-13 Jacket with lace pattern and round yoke in “Alpaca”. Sized S-XXXL

Here is a link directly to the pattern. LINK

fatoldladyinpjs, I made up the pattern based on the designs in the sweater. I cast on 79 sts and kept one stitch on each side in St st and did the garter, K2tog/YO holes in the middle of the St st thing they used as a border then the leaf and another border. Then I picked up 30 stitches at the edges of that and decreased every other row on the right side rows by doing k1, SSK, knit to last 3, K2tog, k1. When I had 12 sts left I started doing 1X1 ribbing, ditching one stitch so that I had 11 so it would be symmetrical. Knit that part to a length it works for you and put a buttonhole on one side and a button on the other. I made a button-hole over the 3 center sts. I actually put several button-holes spaced about 1/2" apart so it could be adjusted.

Beautiful work - lucky DD!

Oh…I LOVE it!!! You did a beautiful job :slight_smile:

Judy, you are truly a knitting savant! You look great in DD’s sweater and headband! Kudos!!!

Absolutely stunning! The headband is marvelous, a wonderful and creative way to use up the extra yarn. You look so good in that green, you need to have something for yourself in the same color. I really hope it fits your daughter to her liking but if not, she has to give it back! She’ll like it.

Thanks GrumpyGramma. I have liked green for a long time but not been attracted to this shade that much. But I thought it looked good on me too. I have a daughter who does testing to see what colors look good on you, but I’ve never had her do me. So I don’t have “my palette”, but it looks good to me. :lol:

DD does like it so I don’t think I’m getting it back. DH said I should make one for myself as well. Even though it means I’d need more yarn. Love him.

Oh my gosh, Judy, it is just beautiful and the headband looks just as great. Your dd is going to love it for sure! :inlove:

Do you mean what season you are? Do they still do that? I was told I was a summer and then a shy winter, whatever that means. I only know I prefer and look best in colors with blue undertones and now, a few years older, I’m turning into a pastel person and look best in pastels. Bummer.

Great minds think alike! I agree with your sweetie and think you should get some yarn for yourself. I you don’t want “Mommy and Me” sweaters you could use a different pattern.:woot: Sounds to me like you were granted a license to indulge yourself and it would be a crime not to use it! :hug:

Someday I hope to be able to knit as beautifully as you do.


GrumpyGramma, yes it does have seasons in the names of all the groupings. I don’t know if they still do it or not, but I think so. DD never did it professionally, she only took the training so she could do it for her personal use. I know she has done her sisters and maybe a few others.

I have always liked to use some color. My mother liked bright colors, she used to call them “happy” colors. The daughter I made the green sweater for used to wear almost all neutral colors and I wished she would wear some color. I told her recently that I was glad to see she was starting to wear some “happy” colors.

Interesting about the colors. I know that I look bad in green or yellow, but pretty good in pinky colors and blues. I’ve always avoided blue like the plague because my mother loved blue (blue carpet, furniture, walls…eek) and I was totally blued out for years. :lol: I’d like to have my colors done some time, but at least I know what basically to look for.

I’d like to have my colors done some time, but at least I know what basically to look for.

Jan, what it basically boils down to is do you look better in warm or cool colors…I’d guess that for you it is cool colors because you said “pinky colors and blues.” If I’m really, really lucky I can find a yellow that works for me but it can’t be orangey at all. Lemon yellow, I think. Some greens have more yellow in them than blue. I find reds particularly tricky…not as bad as yellow which I’ve basically given up on…because they tend to be orangey reds. Once upon a time I had a book that told how to do it yourself at home. I found out what I already knew, blues, pinks, no earthy colors, no fall colors. Most people, I’ve read, are attracted more to the colors that they wear well. I can’t tell for sure from the picture of MerigoldinWA’s picture whether her green is warmer or cooler.