Me rolling Yarn Cake on Youtube!

The link to where I learned to roll yarn using only your thumb has gone dead. And I searched on youtube and didn’t find one, so I decided to make my own and upload it.

This will be my very first video of any kind on the internet… well, that I know of. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are 3 of them only because it does take a while to roll a ball and you can only put 10 minutes of video up at a time.

So there you go, take a look and tell me what you think. :slight_smile:

Bravo! :cheering: I didn’t know you could do it with just your thumb!

THANK YOU!:thumbsup: .

I just caught your tutorial on YouTube; it is a little blurry in some spots, but altogether very helpful and explained quite well. The tip on how to move the yarn when starting a new cross borders on being epiphanous.

Thanks very much. I think I will give this a try!

thanks for the demo and letting us know!

Thanks for the video! :cheering:

Thanks! I’ll have to try that soon. Last time I tried to wind a center pull ball it was pretty much a mess. The intructions had you turn the yarn ball on your thumb every so often and it, well, never worked very well for me, in my several attempts.


Thanks for the Video. I did try that once but it did not look like yours. I will give it another try.:knitting:

Thanks for all the positive feedback, guys! I’m just glad I was able to share something useful and give back to all of those that have helped me out on my knitting journey. hehe

Happy Winding!

i tried it last night and it WORKED! :happydance: yay me! thank you sooo much! :heart:

Very helpful! I always have to wind by hand because, well, I don’t have a ball winder…lol…The way I do it is similar, but, I start out differently. I do have a question, though. In the video, you mentioned a yarn cake was easier than a ball. Is it because it’s easier to make than a ball, or, easier to knit from than a ball? Sometimes when I ball my yarn, at first, the yarn gets a little tangled and I have to pull out a chunk to get the tangle out but after that it’s smooth sailing…or knitting, rather :stuck_out_tongue:

So yeah, I was just wondering if the cake is easier to wind than the ball, or, if the cake is easier to knit from than a ball…Or, both! I’ve never knitted from a cake so I’m clueless…lol

They both knit the same, as far as I can tell, but for me the cake is easier to roll. There is less turning and twisting involved in rolling the cake since you’re really just going back and forth with your Xs. For the balls, you have to make Xs on the top and bottom also, which involved more wrist movement.

If you look at my stash in Ravelry, you will see that all of my first yarn is rolled into balls, the cake is a recent change for me and I prefer it. To each his own, though, honestly. I should have been more specific. Sorry for the confusion! hehe


Awesome, I just may have to start caking then!