Me again

Same pattern, on boogers it’s says use circular needle, do I need to?

What pattern? What are you making? Are you knitting flat or in the round? If flat, it could be to accommodate the number of stitches.
Are you making the shawl? Possibly that would be easier on circulars because of the number of sts as GG suggested. The jacket probably doesn’t require the circular.

Doing the bootees, (stupid predictive text), tried without and doesn’t work so do need circular as GG said cause of the number of sts. Not doing the shawl. Thanks for your help I love this site. :slight_smile:

Well, we’re glad you found us!
The bootees are maybe knit in the round on a small length circular?

Could be magic loop also. My personal preference 24 inch circulars for small items 32 for larger such as mittens and hats. But that’s what came with my Knitpicks interchangeable set.