me again

K 16 , k2tog, k2, skpo,
k17 , k2tog, k2, skpo,
k27 , k2tog, k2, skpo,
k17 . k2tog,k2, skpo, k16,
knit 3 rows

you see a pattern forming?
continue in this way keeping the k3 rows after the decreases until you have 93 sts.

now use the same decrease method but on every following right side row until there are 61 sts left

iv got pattern sorted but do I do the knit 3 rows or just the pattern piece?

What is the name of your pattern and designer?

sorry can’t remember

It may be this pattern:

OK, the pattern section you quoted sounds like you repeat the decrease section with the 3 rows knit after the decreases until you have 93sts. Then work the decreases on the RS rows without the 3 knit rows.
Since this is a baby sweater, I suspect that the second set of decreases ever RS row is going to be enough without the 3 knit rows.
It might be a good place to put in a lifeline just in case you need to rip back to the 93sts.